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Speculative Design:

Humiliation and Rewarding

Alarm System for Recyling


Speculative Design applies a scientific approach to the social context using a probable future scenario, to open up spaces of debate in the real world.

Human-caused activities are immensely likely to blame for the global warming effects over the past century, and waste disposal/ recycling problems take a huge portion.We attributed it to consumerism and people’s behaviour.

Though this problem has been on the rise to date, why people are still seemingly not aware of the problem? (or we -the human being- might think: It’s just once, and what’s the problem?)

Our scenario is, “What if people’s behaviour is valued by humiliation and rewarding alarm system?”

September 2019

Group work with four other GSA students

Based on the scenario which might happen in the near future, 2027, the alarm system was carefully devised.
We thought there are two approaches to waste disposal; Before buying things / When throwing things away.
In this sense, this alarm system can be used in the supermarket and Bin store respectively.

1. Supermarket
Before you buy things, you might want to consider whether you really need it or not. When you pay, an intervention also needs to happen.

2. Bin Store

When you dispose of waste, there can be a guide to help you recycle properly.

Now, how would YOU re-imagine the sustainable future? An action from individuality has to start today.


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